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Jennifer Beck


Jennifer (Jen) Beck is a Certified MagnaWave practitioner in Durango, Colorado. Jen was born and raised in Montana, where she developed her love for animals and outdoor adventures. A competitive alpine ski racer from a young age through college, she has experienced many crashes, bumps, and bruises along the way. While completing her undergraduate and graduate degrees in geology, she fell in love with mountain biking, and went on to participate in endurance mountain bike events, such as the 24 hours of Moab, 18 hours of Fruita, and 12 hours of Mesa Verde. Her strong background in science brings a comprehensive approach to MagnaWave, where the focus is on achieving measurable and reproducible results. 


MagnaWave has 111% changed my life! Every aspect! I have seen incredible improvements in each one of my animals..”!

Lindsay Dunning

MagnaWaving is great for any animal!
MagnaWave is the future for health and wellness.


A Higher Quality of Wellness

Whether equine, livestock, or small animal, MagnaWave can help improve performance, relieve pain, improve sleep and enhance overall wellness.

MagnaWave is widely used around the world on equine athletes, livestock and small animals.

Box Canyon Farm

Jennifer Beck

Durango, Colorado
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